2019-03-07 The Details of Coming Release

The Details of Coming Release

Here are the long-awaited news on the upcoming updates of Age of Magic! ????

???? The next update will be more technical: we’ll fix the bugs, increase performance and make some improvements to the interface and graphics. At the moment the update is undergoing testing.

???? Good news for Arekhon Undead and Tsuna fans: the ‘Fox Hunt’ event will start earlier. It will be possible to go on a trip for Tsuna’s shards on March 26, already.

While we are testing the technical update, another part of the team is working hard on the content update, which will introduce two new acts of the Valley of Treasure, the long-awaited balance of Silver and much more! ????

⌛️ We’d like to certainly note that it took us some time to restructure the team’s pipeline for releasing content and technical updates separately. In the future, this will help us to release updates more frequently and respond more quickly to players requests.

Also, the technical 1.9.4 update will be rolled out both on Android and iOS today ????????