Questions and answers: raids and rebalance

Questions and answers: raids and rebalance

Q: Why did you change the Swamp Killer? How to use her now?
A: We had several reasons for rebalancing the Swamp Killer. Unfortunately, some of them became apparent in the later stages of the development, so there was no information about her rebalance in the early announcements.

The Swamp Killer was too strong, being effective not only against slow heroes (as we originally intended) but also against almost any other hero. The Swamp Killer could become even more effective along with Healers Rebalance.

The main change of the Swamp Killer is that now she cannot force the enemy to skip the turn all the time. But, due to the speed and slowdown effect she possesses, the Swamp Killer can still force the opponent to skip the turn about once every 2 turns of the opponent.

In addition, the Swamp Killer is now effective against slow heroes, such as Dwarves and many Healers. She still fits well with the Rogue squad at the expense of her Mark, as well as in any squad that lacks damage and control.

Now, the Swamp Killer can defeat almost any hero in one-on-one battle, including Succubus and Kage. At the same time, we understand that this is a relatively rare situation in battle, and when we balance the heroes we do not focus on one-to-one battles.

The Swamp Killer was and remains a hero, which to a certain extent depends on her own dodge and misses. The outcome of the battle may be unexpected — the Swamp Killer may be out of luck, but it is important to remember that this also works in the opposite direction due to the high dodge rate.

Q: Why did you remove the Shards for Azariel from the Clan Shop?
A: Azariel’s Shards are now available in the Raid Shop. We moved them there to increase the value of the Raids and reduce the availability of Azariel, as a fairly powerful hero.

Q: Why was the equipment removed from the Valley of Treasure Shop?
A: Because the main source of high-level equipment should be Raids. Instead of equipment in the Valley of Treasure Shop, there are Skill Cubes that cannot be found in other Shops.

Q: Are Raids designed for donating? Can the purchase of Healing Kits compensate level and skill?
A: Raids are designed in such a way that they can be completed with the well-coordinated actions of all the players from the clan. The last Raid was specifically made very difficult to create a challenge for high-level players. However, it can also be passed without using additional Healing Kits. It has been tested repeatedly.

Healing kits can compensate for an insufficient level or lack of skill, but not by much. If the squad lacks a bit of equipment/level, for example, there are no 1-2 items of equipment or the level is slightly lower, then the Healing Kits can compensate this. At the same time, they will not help if the player lacks 1-2 levels of equipment, or the squad is not at all suitable for defeating opponents.

We give out the Healing Kits as a reward in other game modes so that any mistake in Raid is not fatal and players can correct it.

Q: Will the limit on 16 participants in the first Raid change?
A: Most of the clans with such levels are not complete and we expected that mostly Clans without 30 active players would go into this Raid. Changing this condition will not be included in the nearest update, but we will think about it and, most likely, we will undertake something in further updates.

Q: Will Daily Raid Energy appear?
A: While we do not plan to add it, but we will definitely think about what can be done.

Q: Will you share complete Raid maps with the community so that clan members can investigate them and develop a strategy?
A: Yes, we will do it soon.