Questions and Answers: Lunar Festival

Questions and Answers: Lunar Festival

The answers on most frequent questions we’ve received after starting a Lunar Festival is gathered in this note — go on reading to learn more!

Q: How do Fireworks work?
A: Fireworks are an extra mechanic designed to make battles more varied. If you don’t have enough of them you can just find a way to form a strong squad to minimize the use of Fireworks. The Fireworks are used automatically in the auto-battle mode.

Q: Will I catch the time to open new heroes during the Lunar Festival?
A: Yes, we designed the event in such a way that everyone could unlock new rare heroes Sun Wukon and Zhu Bajie. However, most players will be able to max them out in just a few events.

Q: Will the Lunar Festival be repeated?
A: There is every chance that the Lunar Festival will be repeated next year, but other characters may become the main heroes of its events. Moreover, we plan to add a lot of new amazing events throughout the year, and Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie can return to one of them.

Q: Is it possible to launch an offer for Skins as part of the Lunar Festival?
A: No, this is unfair to those players who have already acquired Skins at the current price, but we will definitely think about offers for new Skins that we are going to add for other heroes in the future.

Q: Why is the Lost Scrolls event so difficult?
A: There are missions with pre-installed heroes in the event. They should not be easy and you need to think out the right tactics for their completion. The right order of attacks and the active use of Fireworks allows passing these missions on three stars.

Q: Why don’t Raids start right away? Is it possible to start Raids earlier?
A: The time before the start of the Raids is optimally calculated so that the clans have enough time to prepare and accumulate the Fire Gate Stones, as well as to go through the Lost Scrolls and extract the fragments of Zhu Bajie.

Q: What is the development team doing now?
A: We have already released the first hotfix, in which we corrected the display of rewards, news, avatars in Raids, icons in the main menu, as well as several other errors. Now we continue to work on optimizing the game, as well as on the promised updates — new game modes and new acts of the Campaign and the Valley of Treasures

As always, we’ll try to do the best and answer all the other possible questions that can appear — feel free to post them in comments and have a great Lunar Festival!