Q&A: Silver, Portals to the Unknown, and Tournament future changes

Q&A: Silver, Portals to the Unknown, and Tournament future changes

Q: Why is there so little Silver in the game? Why increasing Rarity is so expensive? Will the amount of Silver grow in future updates?
A: We are aware that it isn’t an easy task to gather enough Silver to increase Rarity. We’re preparing a balance of rewards for the upcoming Lunar Festival right now. We’re planning to carefully consider the situation with Silver in order to correctly redistribute the sources of Silver, as well as add new ones in new game modes and acts of Campaign.

This means that the amount of Silver will grow in some existing regimes and will decrease in others so that players receive a sufficient amount of Silver at all levels. At the same time, when the new game modes and acts of Campaign and the Valley of Treasures appear, the total amount of Silver available will become larger.

Q: It seems to me that Heroes controlled by AI have bonuses to dodge, accuracy and other stats. Does the game have artificial reinforcement for Heroes controlled by AI?
A: No, as we said before, there is no hidden bonus in the game for Heroes controlled by AI, both on the player’s side and on the opponent’s side.

At the same time, in some missions of Campaign and the Valley of Treasures the Heroes’ stats have been manually changed. Such changes often make enemy Heroes weaker, so that they do not inflict too much critical damage or do not dodge too often.

In PvP battles, such as Tournament and Arena, there are no stats modifiers.

Q: Why does launching the Portal to the Unknown III cost 19,000 Portal Stones when only 18,000 can be collected per day?
A: We initially planned that the Portal to Unknown III could be launched no more than once a day since this is a challenging activity for high-level players.

The upcoming update will introduce new raids of the Lunar Festival, and we will continue to monitor feedback and statistics to see if any changes in the mechanics and balance of the Raids are needed.

Q: Why is the Portal to Unknown Level I available only for 16 players?
A: It was planned that the majority of clans that will open this Portal will not be full and 16 places will be enough.

This turned out to be not quite so and we decided to add another raid, similar to Portal to Unknown I, where 30 players will be able to participate. We are pleased to announce that we have already calculated the balance for the new Portal and will add it in the next update.

Q: Are you going to make any changes to the Tournament mechanics?
A: We’ve got a lot of questions asked about the Tournament and we’re happy to share the news! We decided to improve the existing mechanics of the Tournament, seriously reworking it, and now we are starting work on it.

Now it’s the time to share your thoughts and wishes! We are considering all the possible options and we will be extremely happy with suggestions for improving the Tournament from the community.

We say thanks to our community for all those questions that were asked, we’ll try to answer other questions in future posts. We wish you good luck in the Age of Magic!