Q&A: Shards Exchange Mechanics, Heroes Balance and Much More

Q&A: Shards Exchange Mechanics, Heroes Balance

At last, we’ve gathered the most popular questions and suggestions and prepared answers to them to let the community know what we’re working on and what we’re going to implement.
For convenience, we’ve divided the questions and suggestions into groups.

Read and feel free to ask any questions—we will collect them and publish another Q&A post in the future!

The Market and Shop

Q: Do you plan to add a way to trade extra Shards?
A: Yes, we are planning to introduce a way to exchange extra Shards in the near future.
We’ve already discussed this internally and now the team is working on the details of how this feature should work.
We will publish the details of exactly how the exchange of extra Shards will be implemented in the future!

Q: Do you plan to add a way to exchange extra items of Equipment?
A: We are not planning to do it yet. The fact is that items of Equipment are given out in abundance to make it easier to level up new Heroes and they will be useful in the future when there will be more new Heroes.
However, we aware that players who have been playing for a long time have already managed to accumulate a large number of Equipment items. We will certainly return to the discussion of this issue after releasing the exchange of the extra Shards mechanics.

Q: Do you plan to add the Shards of Cathbad and Dreverad to the Market?
A: We continue to carefully monitor player reviews and statistics. This means that we’ll be able to see about how new Heroes show themselves in Market. We’ll be able to figure out how new Heroes perform in Market after a while and make decision if we can add them to other Markets.

Leveling up Heroes

Q: Do you plan to add new levels of Hero Rarity?
A: Such a change can greatly affect the gaming experience and balance, and therefore we will need time to work it out in the best possible way.
An important factor that we’ll take into account is the appearance of the Shard exchange mechanics—we will need to calculate the Rarity increase so that it works well with the upcoming Shard exchange.

Q: Do you plan to add other ways to upgrade Heroes?
A: Yes. We’ve already collected ideas and suggestions from the community and we are discussing next steps. As for now, we’re discussing if we can add new Levels of Equipment in future updates.
It is important to understand that we have not yet finalized what we will do, but we’ll certainly share this in the announcements of future updates.

Resources and Rewards

Q: Do you plan to increase the reward in Silver for daily tasks for level 80 players or to replace Player’s Experience with Silver?
A: Yes, we plan to add Silver as a reward for daily tasks for players who’ve already reached level 80 in future updates.

Q: Do you plan to bind the reward in the daily Chest to the player’s level?
A: The reward in the daily Chest was originally conceived as a small bonus, but we will think about it. Perhaps Shards of new Heroes may appear in the daily Chest.


Q: Do you plan to add new, more difficult raids for high-level players?
A: Yes, there are such plans and we’re going to start their implementation in future updates.
New Raids will be more difficult and will become a serious challenge for high-level clans, but the rewards they will offer would be more interesting.

Q: Do you plan to increase the Portal Stones limit or lower the requirements for launching the Raid so that active clans can be constantly in the Raid?
A: In the next updates, we don’t plan to do this, but perhaps the limit of the Portal Stones will change with the appearance of new Raids.

Q: Do you plan to add a working pause to Raids?
A: We are not planning yet, because this can seriously affect the experience of other players in the clan. Many players will have to wait for their turn for an indefinite amount of time, for example, if someone pauses a fight and forgets to withdraw it, for example.
Most likely, we will change the text of the Pause button to Settings in order not to mislead anyone.

Hero Balance

Q: Do you plan to make stronger the rest of the Defenders, except Siegfried? Now the rest of the Defenders are not popular.
A: Yes, we plan to rebalance these Heroes, including the Defenders in future updates.

Q: Do you plan to change the “tankiness” of the Rogues? Now, the Swamp Killer is better in defense than almost all the other Heroes.
A: Changes in the balance of the Defenders will help them better fulfill their role, thereby shifting the emphasis from the Swamp Killer.
However, we know that many players are unhappy with the way dodging works now. We plan to revise their mechanics in future updates to reduce the impact of random in battle.

Q: Do you plan to make Melee Fighters more meaningful?
A: There are no specific plans for existing Melee Fighters yet, but we generally plan to revise the balance of many existing Heroes to make them more attractive and allow them to be used in different game modes.
We will publish the details of changes in the balance of Heroes in the future.

Q: Do you plan to make Kharannah more attractive?
A: We are not planning to make any changes to the balance of Kharannah. This is because she can get synergies with other Heroes of the Dragonkin Faction when they appear.

Other issues

Q: Do you plan to diversify enemies more in the Tomb of Horrors?
A: Yes, we have plans to improve the experience of the Tomb of Horrors. We’ll tell the details in the future when we begin work on the next iteration of improving the Tomb of Horrors.

Q: When will the Shards of Sun Wukong and Zhu Baije be available again?
A: Most likely, they will be available again when the Lunar Festival begins. Still and all, we will discuss the possibility of their appearance in other major events that we are going to add to the game.