Patch Notes 1.20: Clan War as Event!

Clan War is poised to break out.

Ready yourself and your squads!

Check your Google Play or App Store for the update and prepare your Clan for the epic Clan War!

The first three rounds of Clan War will be played as Events, after which we’ll collect feedback from the community and study the stats to see how we can make the game’s epic new feature even more gripping!

In the meanwhile, you can read up on how the first battles between Clans will be fought!

Clan War as an Event

There will soon be three rounds of the Clan War, each of which will last three days. In the first round, all Clans will enter the fight on the same single wheel.

Clans that collect the most Mana in the first round are admitted to the second wheel in the next round to fight for even more valuable prizes!

The main aim in Clan War is to capture and defend islands and draw from them as much mana as possible.

The higher up the map an island is (and the further from the Citadel), the more mana it grants the Clan. But capturing these islands is not easy, they are heavily defended.

“Attacks” are regenerated over time, and there are bonus ones available throughout the day. Heroes take 12 hours to restore after attacks, so deploy them wisely!

Heroes that fall in battle can be resurrected 6 times using Citadel Portal Scrolls which you can get for completing Clan Quests or for Gold.

More about rewards: Clan War winners get Mana Crystals which can be spent at the Clan War shop on Shards for Heroes from the Elf faction – Tank Kabuto and Healer Hotei.

Please note: The rewards given during the first three rounds of the Clan War will be greater than those in the next rounds.

After all three rounds of the Clan War are finished, we’ll collect the stats along with suggestions and requests from the community, so we can work on making Clan War even better!

What’s next?

After we make improvements, we’ll release the upgraded Clan War on a permanent basis in one of the next updates and we’ll keep working hard on the existing game modes and Clan War too, so keep an eye open for news!