News About the Next Age of Magic Update!

News About the Next Age of Magic Update!

The story of the Librarian is about to continue — there is not much time left before the IV and V acts of the Valley of Treasures will appear. We’re already testing new content! ✊????????

With the update, the long-awaited Silver rebalance will appear in the game — as promised, it will be easier to farm ????

???? The amount of Silver in the Chests will be increased in proportion to the level. Also, there will be more Silver available in Raids, Tomb of Horrors, and in the ‘Sorcerors Duel 6’ Challenge.

☝???? At the same time, the prices for equipment in Silver and the prices for Chests will also grow, but the price of increasing the rarity of the heroes won’t change, which means it will be easier to max heroes.

???? In addition, we’ll add a new Portal to the Unknown, designed for players with 45-55 levels. More clans will be able to take part in the Raids!

Also, we’re planning to introduce some more improvements that you asked for — more details will appear on the release day! ????