Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.11

Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.12

We added Act V to the Dark Campaign, a new hero in the Archons faction (Argen), and a new Warrior of Light Event. We also unlocked and retooled Dreverad and Cathbad, and made some general game tweaks too. Read on to find out more!

Dark Campaign: Act V

Sharazar continues his sinister path to hunt down Roland. The Changeling has to cross the ice wastelands of the Barbarians Shard, battle ferocious enemies, and even stare his greatest fear in the face!

New Heroes: Dreverad, Cathbad, and Argen

Dreverad is the protector and spirit of the forest embodied in physical form to defend Arrat from Demons.

Cathbad is a healer and warrior from the Circle of Druids, a nomad locked in war with the Demons to cleanse all defiled lands.

Dreverad and Cathbad Shards are available in Dark Campaign: Act V.

Argen is a brave and just Archon who swore an oath to defend the Light and take revenge on the Demons for destroying his homeworld.

Argen Shards are obtained after beating the new Warrior of Light Event.

Argen is dedicated to our player Michael Garrett, also known as Gambit, clan Watchmen. He passed away December 30, 2018, but will remain in our hearts forever.

New Warrior of Light Event

An intense light floods the deep caves of Ra’Archne… Something is happening in the Hive and agitating Ra’Archne Queen!

Call up Ra’Archne party and prepare for battle to learn a new chapter in the Age of Magic story and unlock Argen, a Rogue from the Archons faction!

Tournament changes

Also, we got a lot of requests to stop awarding points for defense party victories to avoid unfair deals where one player jacks up the points of another. Now defense party victories in Tournaments don’t earn points.

Other changes and improvements

  • We figured out that it was too easy to beat the Tomb of Horrors. As a first step to fix this issue, we boosted the AI to make the Tomb of Horrors harder and more interesting, like we originally intended it. Now the enemy attacks Healers more often. We’ll keep a close eye on how our changes play out in practice, and make more improvements in other updates.
  • Improved group healing AI (without reviving), as well as removing Kharannah and Bellara taunts.
  • Recommended clans now show your friends’ clans.
  • Plus other localization and interface fixes.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed the bug where Heroes disappear during battle.
  • Chat stability improved.
  • You no longer see clan chat messages when you leave a clan.
  • You can no longer revive a hero in a Tournament by carrying out a special series of actions in order.
  • The duration of Xaart’s Illusory Immortality is now displayed properly.
  • Your selected Raid group is now displayed properly.
  • The Campaign screen is now displayed properly.
  • New hero unlocked effect is now fixed.
  • Daily quests are now displayed properly.
  • The game now takes up the full screen on iPad Pro.
  • Layout issues fixed on iPhone X.
  • Timer layout issues fixed in Challenges.
  • Campaign Energy purchase errors fixed during the Valley of Treasures tutorial.
  • Modifier descriptions rewritten for clarity.
  • Players no longer get logged out when accessing the Hero screen.