Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.9: Lunar Festival

Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.9: Lunar Festival

We added new Heroes, Raids, Gifts, a new Event, and much more. Read on and join us in the celebration of the coming Lunar Festival!

*Most of Lunar Festival activities will start on January 31.

New Heroes: Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie

Meet Sun Wukong, the Monkey King! He chases after Demons to return the stolen sacred scroll!

Sun Wukong is a Boss of the Beastmen faction. Buy his shards in the Lunar Festival Shop.

Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie come together! Zhu Bajie is a Melee Damager of the Beastmen faction. Obtain his shards in the missions of the Lost Scrolls event or buy them in the Lunar Festival Shop.

Even Zhu Bajie himself doesn’t know why he joined Sun Wukong. He must’ve stumbled over his own rake and rolled right into the portal!

New Event: the Lost Scrolls

Complete the Lost Scrolls event to discover the story of Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie’s journey and obtain Moonstones, free gifts, and other rewards!

Be careful and mind that the event arenas in the Lost Scrolls have special effects that harm your allies and benefit your enemies. You can remove these effects with Fireworks. Read on to learn more about them!

You need Lunar Energy to begin the event missions. It replenishes over time. You can spend Lunar Energy and Fireworks to replay all missions.

You receive 50 Zhu Bajie shards when you complete all of the event missions for the first time. The event begins on January 31 and lasts through February 11.


Launch Fireworks in the Lost Scrolls missions and in Fire Gates raids to defeat your enemies and banish evil spirits!

Blue Fireworks remove a debuff from your allies, Red Fireworks remove a buff from your enemies, and Yellow Fireworks deal mass damage.

Buy Fireworks and send them to friends, or obtain them as a reward for completing Campaign and Valley of Treasures missions!

New Raid: Fire Gates

Complete the Lost Scrolls missions to obtain Fire Gates Stones and unlock a new raid, the Fire Gates!

The unique Golden Fish rewards obtained in the Fire Gates can be exchanged for Sun Wukong shards and equipment in the Lunar Festival Shop.

The Fire Gates is available starting February 5 and until the Lunar Festival celebration ends February 11. You can launch the Fire Gates as many times as you like!


Buy gifts in the Gift Shop and send them to friends every day during the Lunar Festival!

You can obtain free gifts for completing Campaign, Valley of Treasures, and the Lost Scrolls missions. Other gifts can be purchased for Gold in the Gift Shop.

The Gift Shop closes on February 11. Don’t miss out!


Make your squad really stand out! Buy new Skins in the Lunar Festival Shop and apply them to your Heroes.

Obtain unique skins for Succubus and Rok from a gift, or send them to a friend!

Balance changes

  • Added a new 55-65 Lv. Raid for 30 players.
  • Increased the number of Healing Kits in the Live by the Sword 5 challenge from 11 to 14.
  • The number of attempts in Campaign Hard Mode missions no longer decreases when you lose.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Bug Fixes and Improvement
  • Gassar no longer ignores the Target in Cover effect from Succubus and Kage’s abilities.
  • Stats for the next ability level are now displayed correctly.
  • Raid mission availability is now displayed correctly.
  • The Tournament interface is now displayed correctly.
  • You can now send a friend request via the Tournament interface and the Clan member list.
  • The player’s nickname is now highlighted in the daily Raid quest screen.
  • The name of the player’s clan is now highlighted in the Clan leaderboard.
  • The power of all unlocked Heroes is now displayed in the Heroes screen.
  • Added an indicator for unlocked Heroes.
  • Clan leaderboard is now available for the Chinese version.
  • Some more bug fixes.