Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.18

This time we added Snowtide the Holiday, Gifts Calendar, new hero – Orihime, the Princess, and other heroes from Elves faction, whose Shards will be available in future!

Snowtide and a new Hero: Orihime

To celebrate the New Year and Christmas, we are launching Snowtide, which will last from December 16th through December 29th.

During this wonderful time, you will be able to receive new rewards: Ice Runes for completing missions in the Campaign and the Valley of Treasures, as well as Snowflakes as rewards in the Gift Calendar, for completing Daily Quests, or as a gift from Friends!

Orihime is a ranged damager of the Elves faction, Daimyo’s daughter, and the Princess of the Clan of the Grieving Moon. You can get Orihime Shards in the Snowtide Chest in exchange for Ice Runes., Orihime will be required to complete the Crystal of the Abyss Event in the future.

In the special Snowtide store, you can purchase themed icy Skins and other valuable items!

New Heroes: Kabuto, Hotei, and Daimyo

New Heroes from the Elves faction: Kabuto the Tank and Hotei the Healer are already in the game but their Shards will be available a bit later, as a reward for taking part in coming Clan Wars. As for now, feel free to read more about their abilities at the Heroes screen!

You can get the Elven Boss Daimyo’s Shards and learn his story by completing the new Crystal of the Abyss Rare Event, which will start after the first Clan Wars in one of the future updates. The event will require Heroes from the Elves faction that have Level 70, Star Level 7, and Equipment Level 7 to complete! And the Daimyo could be unlocked with Rarity for with 4 Rarity Elves.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Now you can go to the Hero’s level-up screen from squad collection screen, Challenges screen, Events screen, and from the information screen.
  • Fixed Balthazar‘s Path of Darkness ability. Now it does not ignore the effect of Azariel’s passive ability Protection of the Shadow, if there were other effects on the target.
  • Fixed Abaddon’s Burning of Souls ability. Now it does not ignore the effect of Silver Moon’s Waters of Life ability.
  • A few minor bugs have been fixed and UI improvements implemented.