Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.17

We added a new Early Access Event for Mizuhiko, the Elf Faction mage, and made a lot of other improvements and fixes!

Mizuhiko the Elf Mage and the Early Access Event

Mizuhiko is a mage and an illusionist. He has always wanted to devote his time to studying magical arts, but duty dictates him to follow Daimyo’s will. His illusions have helped the clan put their enemies to flight more than once, and the shields he creates protect his comrades better than any armor.

You will require a properly selected squad of 4 Heroes that have a high Level, Equipment Level, and Rarity Level to complete the Early Access Event. The Early Access Event will last for 7 days starting from November 21.

Mizuhiko Shards will appear among the rewards of the Valley of Treasures and in the Great Chest of Heroes in about 2 weeks after the Event is complete.

Mizuhiko is required for Crystal of the Abyss, a new Rare Event that will tell the story of the Elf Clan of the Mourning Moon and allow players to obtain Shards of Daimyo, the Boss of the Elf Faction. The event will start in January.

Game Mechanics, Balance Improvements, and Fixes

  • New Heroes can now be met as enemies in the Tomb of Horrors.
  • Shards can now be bought for Gold at the Market 5 at a time.
  • Elios’ Searing Light ability now works correctly, decreasing enemy fortitude by 100%.
  • Elios’ Leadership ability now continues to increase damage after Tiros’ Light Cyclone ability, even after Elios’ death.
  • Kage’s Shadow Shuriken passive ability is now activated if an allied Rogue deals damage to an enemy shield.
  • The power of Trorin and Wyrm Priest now displays correctly. Thanks to this change, players with these Heroes will have a lower chance of getting into the same Tournament group with players who have fully upgraded Artus.
  • Now the event for Kage will always be held before the event for Artus.

Interface Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed the way tabs are highlighted when Chests are scrolled through at the Market.
  • Skins are not displayed as new ones if you cannot obtain them yet.
  • As well as other interface improvements.
  • Bug Fixes and Other Improvements.
  • Expanded the description of Succubus’ Deadly Passion ability. The description now indicates that the ability is guaranteed to hit the target.
  • Fixed the description of the Blood Emperor’s Emperor’s Order ability.
  • Fixed some tutorial bugs.
  • Fixed some localization issues.
  • Fixed a visual error with act icons disappear in the Campaign.
  • As well as other fixes and improvements.