Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.16

We have added the first Legendary Event, Master and Apprentice, where you can unlock Artus, the boss of the Archons faction; the Early Access Event for Elios, the mage of the Archons faction; and made the Blood Emperor available!

In celebration of the Horrorween Festival, the game now also has new unique Hero Skins, new Raids and, of course, Gifts. Read on to find out in detail!

Artus and the Master and Apprentice Legendary Event

Artus is the Keeper of the Stars, the best of the Archons. He has been the ruler of Arcadia and the leader of the Archons heavenly host for countless epochs. Lucius was Artus’ favorite student. As time went by, Lucius became so good that no one in the heavenly host could best him.

It seemed to Lucius that the Archons weren’t ruthless enough in their war against the Demons. He insisted on using the Staff of Elements. When Artus refused, Lucius tried to implement his plan by force. But the rebellion was suppressed, and Lucius himself, along with those who joined him, was banished from Sanctuarium. Later, Lucius would come to call himself Abaddon…

The Master and Apprentice event tells the story of the enmity between Artus and Abaddon, and sheds light on how Rok, Kage, Succubus, and Balthazar fell under the influence of the Abyss Legate…

Heroes from the Abyss Slaves Brotherhood that have Level 70, Rarity Level 7, and Equipment Level 7 are required to complete the Event. The Master and Apprentice Legendary Event will last for 7 days.

Early Access Event: Elios

Elios is one of the best warriors of Arcadia, who dedicated himself to serving the Light and protecting the Golden Grove. When Sanctuarium fell, he managed to save the sprout of a Star Tree. Now he considers the revival of the Grove as a symbol of the Light triumphing over the Dark to be his only goal.

You will require a properly selected squad of 4 high-level Heroes of Light that have high Equipment and Rarity levels to complete this Event.

The Early Access Event will last for 7 days. Elios Shards will appear in Act VI of the Light Campaign and in the Great Chest of Heroes in about two weeks after the Event is complete.

The Blood Emperor and New Portals to the Unknown – “Gates of Doom”

The Blood Emperor of Arekhon is the mightiest warlock once craved to ascend to godhood. It was at his behest that the Blood Priests and Blood Mages performed a gruesome ritual that turned all inhabitants of the Empire into the undead.

In celebration of the Horrorween Festival, four Gates of Doom – new Portals to the Unknown with different levels of difficulty are opened. As a reward for completing them, you can obtain Arekhon Tokens that open Chests with Blood Emperor Shards!

Gates of Doom Stones will be used to open new Portals to the Unknown. Gates of Doom Stones can be obtained by spending Campaign Energy within usual Clan Quests. You will need Dark Heroes to complete new Raids.

Horrorween Festival: Skins, Gifts, and the Gift Calendar

The howling of wolves, the rattling of chains — Horrorween approaches!

Join the celebration with a new set of chilling Skins, send Gifts to your friends, and don’t forget to check the Gift Calendar every day not to miss any of your desired rewards!

Game Mechanics, Balance Improvements, and Fixes

  • Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie Shards were added to the Great Chest of Heroes.
  • Sacrif’s ability “Light of Archons” works correctly – Sacrif can no longer increase her dodge rate if her abilities are locked.
  • Fixed the way attack abilities that also restore a Hero or an ally’s health work in battles against Sacrif.
  • Myrddin no longer puts a Druids class mark on targets.
  • Some equipment items for Trorin were changed.

Interface Improvements and Fixes

  • Healing Kits obtained for winning Tomb of Horrors missions are now displayed correctly.
  • The animation when Heroes are healed in a Raid is now displayed correctly.
  • As well as other interface improvements.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Balthazar is now rendered correctly while invisible.
  • Fire effects are now rendered correctly if a battle is sped up.
  • Fixed a bug that caused act icons to disappear when the Fractured World Event is visited.
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect cutscene sounds when sounds are turned off in the Fractured World Event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the description of equipment items to disappear when you go to the Hero screen after they are obtained for a Facebook subscription.
  • And other fixes and improvements.