Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.15

We added new Heroes: Balthazar, the Mage of the Renegades faction, and Trorin, the long-awaited boss of the Dwarves faction!

In addition to the new Heroes, the game now also has a new Event: Fractured World, the Shard exchange mechanic, Leader Abilities, and other improvements. Read on to find out how to obtain the new Heroes and how the new mechanics work!

Fractured World Event and Hero Balthazar

Go back in time to learn the epic story of how hope was born that Arrat could be restored after the Cataclysm, and what part the Renegade Balthazar had to play in that hope!

Balthazar, one of the strongest mages in the Order of Knights of the Council, opened his heart to the Darkness and became one of the Renegades. He and his brothers summoned Demons to Arrat and unknowingly caused the Cataclysm. Will Balthazar be able to somehow atone for his guilt?

Dark Heroes (those that can be used in the Dark Campaign) are required to complete the Event, and special Chaos Energy is needed to launch the Event’s missions.

Balthazar Shards can be purchased for Dark Crystals given as a reward for completing the Event’s missions. All accumulated Dark Crystals will be saved after completion and available in the next Event.

The Event will start on September 26, last 10 days, and be held just about every 6 weeks or so. The interval between the first and the second launches of the Event will be smaller for as many players as possible to have time to collect Balthazar for the upcoming November Legendary Event.

Shard Exchange and Hero Trorin

The long-awaited Shard exchange mechanic is here!

Now Shards of all Heroes with maximum Rarity, new or accumulated earlier, will convert into Soul Stones that can be used to open a new Soulwarden Chest!

The Soulwarden Chest may contain Shards of random Heroes, Shards of Heroes you haven’t collected yet, and even Shards of Trorin, the never before available boss of the Dwarves faction!

Trorin is the youngest son of the deceased Dwarven King. The very appearance of Trorin on the battlefield inspires his cohorts, making Dwarves led by Trorin fight faster and more furiously, use abilities more often, and better withstand wounds!

Leader Abilities

Abaddon and Trorin now have Leader Abilities. If you activate them, you can get additional bonuses for the whole squad. Only one Hero’s Leader Ability can be active at the same time. You can choose which Hero will use their Leader Ability on the squad assembly screen.

Legatus of the Abyss, Abaddon’s Leader Ability: Increases his damage and that of Demon and Renegade allies at the beginning of the turn. At Ability Level 7, a Demon or Renegade ally deals damage to the target with their basic attack while one other random melee or ranged damager attacks the same target for an additional attack.

The Heir’s Will, Trorin’s Leader Ability: All Dwarves receive an HP bonus, while Troddar and Angrim receive an additional HP bonus and an Initiative bonus after allies take damage. Gassar and Ambror receive a speed bonus. Velundar and Hargrim receive an ability countdown reduction chance at the beginning of their turn.

We are planning to add new Leader Abilities in the next updates to provide more synergy between Heroes in a squad and make powerful squads more diverse.

Game Mechanics and Balance Improvements and Fixes

  • Abaddon’s abilities, such as Dark Fire and Legatus of the Abyss, now affect not only Demons, but Renegades as well.
  • Changed the balance of missions with Trorin in Campaigns and Raids. We did this to keep missions completable, as Trorin has become much stronger after obtaining his Leader Ability and having his abilities and stats changed.
  • Initiative increase and decrease now affects all Heroes in the same way: such changes are based on a Hero’s 100% Initiative, and not the current one, as it was before.
  • AI-controlled healers no longer use resurrection abilities if their allies cannot be resurrected.
  • Fixed the description of Maedb’s Wood Spirits ability and the way it works: now this ability completely ignores the target’s resistance, as it did before.
  • Fixed Sacrif’s passive ability: the effect now applies on 7th level.
  • Kage no longer applies any attack block against the target if the latter dodges the Shuriken Throw ability.
  • Fixed how the stats of Arekhon Guard’s Arekhon Battle Cry ability are displayed.

Interface Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed the layout of screens and interface elements.
  • The number of points received after a Tournament battle is now displayed even if no ranking in the Tournament has changed.
  • Fixed and improved the Tournament interface.
  • Fixed how the effects of a launched Raid are displayed on the Clan screen.
  • Fixed how Facebook friend profiles are displayed.
  • Improved how filters work on the Hero screen.
  • And other interface improvements.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that could make a battle freeze after Sharazar turned into Sacrif.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Heroes from being resurrected between Raid missions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Tomb of Horrors to be unavailable immediately after it was unlocked at player level 40.
  • Fixed a crash after a Blood Mage’s attack.
  • Fixed an issue because of which the defeat screen could appear after a victory in Chapter 15 of Act II in the Light Campaign.
  • Fixed how the number of rewards received for completing Daily Quests is displayed.
  • Fixed how the number of Healing Kits received for completing Tomb of Horrors missions is displayed.
  • Fixed how Heroes’ visual effects, such as Maedb’s cloak or Azariel’s glowing eyes, are displayed.
  • And also other fixes and improvements.

What’s Next?

We are already working on the next update, which will be launched in October and include several new Heroes, new Events, and Halloween activities!

In November, Master and Apprentice, the first Legendary Event, will begin. Once you complete it, you will be able to unlock Artus, the boss of the Archons faction. You can see Artus’ stats and abilities right now, and you will need Heroes from a new Brotherhood, Abyss Slaves, to complete the Event!