Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.13

We have added a new Event: Eternity Whisperer, a new way to team up Heroes in Brotherhoods, Indigo Runes for Chests, and other improvements. Read on to find out more!

Brotherhoods of Heroes

Heroes can now team up not only in Classes and Factions, but Brotherhoods as well. Heroes from the same Brotherhood will be able to participate in new Events!

New Event: Eternity Whisperer

Demons found a portal leading to the Archons’ Holy of Holies, the Temple of Eternity, that had survived the great cataclysm. Sacrif, the Temple Guardian, calls the Keepers of Arrat for help!

Gather a squad from members of the Brotherhood of Keepers of Arrat (Myrddin, Cathbad, Dreverad, Sabertooth, Lucky, or Softy) to save the Temple of Eternity from Demons and unlock Sacrif the Healer, a new Hero of the Archon Faction!

You will need any five Heroes from the Brotherhood of Keepers of Arrat (Level 50, Rarity Level 5, Equipment Level 5) to complete the Event.

After the Event is completed, you will be able to purchase Sacrif Shards for Gold at the Market and at the Valley of Treasures Shop!

Changes in Energy Mechanics

This update introduces changes in the mechanics for accumulating and purchasing Energy we wrote about before in the News.

Now the Max Energy you can accumulate is 1,999 for the Campaign, and 999 for the Valley of Treasures. You can purchase Campaign Energy 16 times per day and Valley of Treasures Energy 14 times per day.

Changes in the Contents of Chests

Faction Chests will now appear only for the period of the Event.

Energy and Silver will disappear from Faction Chests, and the cost of those Chests will decrease while the number of Shards they contain will increase.

You will be able to buy old Energy Chests for some time.

We have added the Great Chest of Heroes, where you can find the Shards of most available Heroes. You can open that Chest not only with Gold, but using Indigo Runes as well!

Indigo Runes for Chests

We have added Indigo Runes that you can use to open the Great Chest of Heroes. After you accumulate a certain number of Indigo Runes, you can open it without spending any Gold!

You can receive Indigo Runes for completing daily quests and as daily rewards!

In a few days, we are going to add extra temporary daily rewards that will include Indigo Runes.

Hero Shards in Shops and Campaign Missions

  • Added Softy Shards to the Clan Shop.
  • Added Sabertooth Shards to the 11th mission in Act V of the Dark Campaign.
  • Softy, Sabertooth, Cathbad, and Dreverad Shards can now be purchased for Gold at the Market.

Changes in the Limit of Stored Raid Healing Kits

Changed the limit of stored Raid Healing Kits: Now you can store up to 1,000 Raid Healing Kits, similarly to Tournament Healing Kits.

Game Mechanics and Balance Improvements

  • Improved the mechanics for matching Tournament players: Now players with strong squads will not be able to join groups with smaller rewards.
  • Changed the shield effect mechanics: A shield can no longer exceed the Hero’s Max HP.
  • Fixed the negative effect protection mechanics of Silver Moon and Cathbad’s abilities: Now they will protect from negative effects even after the death of the hero that granted the protection.
  • Fixed the mechanics of Denaya’s counterattack from the Chosen ability: Counterattack no longer works if Denaya’s basic attack was blocked.
  • Softy’s Poison Dart ability now applies a Caster class mark: If a Mage attacks the target, the latter will deal 70% less damage in the next turn.
  • Now you can receive Healing Kits in the Tomb of Horrors starting at Player Level 40, rather than 45 as it was before.
  • Some missions in Raid V are now less difficult.

Interface Improvements and Fixes

  • The squad’s current strength is now displayed correctly in the Tournament and Arena windows after Hero strength increases.
  • Improved how the interface is displayed in combat for light arenas.
  • Improved and fixed the descriptions of ability modifiers for some Heroes.
  • Fixed the visual effect when a new Hero is received.
  • Fixed the bonus Energy timer interface.
  • Fixed the Raid reward screen animation.
  • Fixed the daily quest message animation.
  • Fixed the Hero level-up side panel animation.
  • Fixed the camera animation when you choose a mission in Campaigns and in the Valley of Treasures.
  • Interface animations are now played every time on all screens.
  • Fixed how chat messages are displayed on iPhoneX.
  • Fixed how the loading screen is displayed on iPad.
  • Fixed how Arabic is displayed in the News.
  • Fixed how healing buttons are displayed in Tournaments.
  • Fixed how the list of Skins is displayed.
  • Fixed how the Attack buttons are displayed in the Arena after the timer runs out.
  • Fixed how the Player XP icon is displayed in the main menu.
  • Fixed how rewards are displayed in the Campaign.
  • Fixed how Silver Chests are displayed if you buy Silver needed to level up your Hero.
  • The Clan crest color is now selected correctly.
  • Fixed how some sounds are played in cutscenes: Sounds are no longer played if the sound is turned off.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

  • Fixed an issue that made it impossible to complete a mission for Spheres after the mission screen was opened again.
  • Fixed how Heroes are displayed in the cutscenes of Act IV of the Light Campaign.
  • Hero Stealth is now displayed correctly after an ability is used repeatedly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Heroes’ lines to repeat in cutscenes.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from accessing the chat.
  • Now the correct soundtrack is played on the Raid map.