Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.11

Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.11

We’ve added the long-awaited Act VI of the Light Campaign, two new Heroes from the Children of the Forest faction, updated the Tournament rules and made other improvements. Read on to find out more!

The story continues: Act VI of the Light Campaign

Roland and his comrades are brought to the Druid shard. The heroes must pass the test of the Circle of Druids in order to gain strength to save Arrat from Demons.

Fascinating arenas, fantastic encounters and valuable rewards, of course, – all this awaits you in Act VI of the Light Campaign!

New Heroes: Softy and Sabertooth

The Druid Shard is inhabited by amazing creatures. Some of them are ready to join the squad. Meet the brave Softy and the mighty Sabertooth – new heroes from the Children of the Forest faction!

Softy is a hunter of the Children of the Forest tribe. Along with Sabertooth, they have served the Druids since the dawn of time. Softy’s arsenal includes a variety of darts with different effects: some poison the enemy, while others may even prevent them from using attack abilities!

Sabertooth is a huge tiger with powerful fangs, short fur, and a thick mane. It inflicts damage on enemies with its deadly claws and fangs. Sabertooth’s loyalty to the Children of the Forest allows him to counterattack anyone who attacks them, and to make additional strikes as revenge for fallen Children of the Forest!
Shards of new Heroes, as well as Denaya Shards, can be obtained in the Heroic mode of Act VI in the Light Campaign.

Updated Tournament

The rules of the weekly tournament have been adjusted to make it more exciting. Choosing your enemy has become even more important, and you can take part in the Tournament at any time that is convenient for you!

Here is what we did to achieve this:

Each player now has 40 fights available in each tournament.

Each opponent in the Tournament can only be attacked once from now on. Choose wisely!

You can now heal and resurrect you Heroes in the Tournament using Tournament Healing Kits, or in exchange for gold. This can be done up to 20 times per tournament. Now the loss of powerful heroes will not stop you from carrying on the fight!

Tournament Healing Kits can be obtained free of charge by completing the Gladiator daily quest. These will be enough for 20 treatments and resurrections.

Unused Tournament Healing Kits are stored until the next Tournament.

The player’s defensive squad in the Tournament now includes heroes who won the last battle. This rule now also applies to the Arena. At the start of the Tournament, a squad from the Arena is used for defense.

From now on there is a reward for any position in the Tournament, but you need to score at least one Tournament Point to claim a reward.

Rewards in the Tournament now depend on the total strength of the Heroes of the five strongest players. For most high-level players, the rewards are now higher.

Silver has been added to the Tournament rewards.

Age of Magic Anniversary

This month we are celebrating the first anniversary of the game. We have therefore prepared some gifts and promotions for you:

A gift for all players – pick up the hero Softy, as well as unique Skins for two Healers!

Calendar of Gifts – log in every day and claim gifts: Gold, Silver, as well as the Shards of new Heroes. To claim all gifts, you need to access the Gift Calendar every day for 12 days from the start of the event.

Bonus Energy – claim twice as much bonus daily energy every day!

Double Rewards in the Heroic Campaign mode – complete missions in the Heroic mode and get twice as many Shards of Heroes, Silver, Experience Potions, Equipment and Memory Spheres!

All promotions are available to players from level 10 and starting May 24th. Warning: the promotions are limited in time – please note the timers!

Other Changes and Improvements

Reduced the required amount of experience required to level up from 75th to 80th level. Please note that experience gained in excess of the new requirements will be transferred to the next level.

All players have received Tournament Healing Kits.

Improved localization and GUI.

Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that prevented healing Heroes during Raids on the squad assembly screen.

Corrected Lucky’s health stats.

Fixed a bug that enabled players who did not comply with the level limit to join a Clan following a friend’s invitation.

Fixed a bug with the disappearing Healer’s mark applied by Azariel.

Wyrm Priest will now use the Curse of the Wyrm ability more frequently when controlled by AI.

Fixed a bug with defeat on the Arena when using Sharazar’s Changeling’s Will ability.

Shni’s Kobold Camouflage and Zytima’s Soothsayers Luck abilities have been corrected. Previously, the abilities gave a smaller increase in the critical hit chance, but now these are working correctly.

Fixed a bug with the amount of Silver in Heroic mode, Act I of the Campaign. Earlier, the amount of Silver in Act I exceeded the amount of Silver in Acts II and III.

Fixed a bug that displayed item search in a locked mission.

Fixed a visual error with the special effects for Infernus’ abilities.

Fixed the description of Lucky’s Overgrowth ability.

Fixed a crash on the News screen.

Fixed a crash on the Heroes screen.

Fixed the visual display of fallen Heroes.

Fixed a visual error with the animation for Chest reward in Raids.

Fixed the visual for Lucky’s Overgrowth ability’s positive effect.

Fixed a visual error with displaying the background for pinned messages in the Clan chat.

Fixed visual errors in the Tournament window.

Fixed the display of Librarian’s Shard, as he was initially designed as a Light Hero.

Fixed the display of already purchased items in the search screen.

Fixed tab display in the Market.

Fixed the display of rounds during Raids.

What’s Next?

The next Age of Magic update is already in development!

We are planning to add Act V of the Dark Campaign, a new Event, and also make some Heroes available in the next update. Stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss the announcement!