Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.10: New Acts of the Valley of Treasures, Silver Rebalance

Age of Magic Patch Notes 1.10: New Acts of the Valley of Treasures, Silver Rebalance

We added Valley of Treasures acts IV and V, a new Portal to the Unknown, rebalanced Silver, and brought some new fixes and improvements. Read on to find out more.

Valley of Treasures Acts IV and V

The new Valley of Treasures acts continue with the Librarian’s story.

Complete missions in the new acts to find shards of Troddar, Kharannah, Grok, Ambror, Khshaat, Raarspit, and Velundar, as well as Skill Cubes IV and other valuable rewards!

As per tradition, Skill Cubes IV are no longer available in the Campaign missions.

Silver Rebalance

Players have often been asking us to reevaluate the amount of obtainable Silver, and we’ve done just that!

Increased the amount of Silver in Chests by a factor of 1.5. The higher the level, the more Silver can be found in Chests. The Chest price is now increased in proportion with the amount of Silver.

Because of that, the equipment price in Silver has also increased by a factor of 1.5.

Rebalanced the amount of Silver in Valley of Treasures.

Increased the amount of Silver in Raids.

Increased the amount of Silver in the Sorcerors Duel 6 challenge by 93%.

Increased the amount of Silver in the Tomb of Horrors by 34%.

The increase of Silver in the rewards will be more obvious to level 70+ players. The reward in modes available to players below level 70 has been increased too, but not as much.

A new Portal to the Unknown and a change in Raid number assignment

Open the new Portal to the Unknown for level 45-55 players and fight!

Please note: The other Portals to the Unknown have been assigned new numbers, depending on their level requirements.

Raid Rebalance

We examined the Raid mission completion stats and decided to decrease the difficulty of some of them.

Portals to the Unknown II and III: Decreased the difficulty of the most challenging missions. Note that the Portal to the Unknown II now grants slightly fewer Raid points for missions.

Portal to the Unknown IV: Decreased the difficulty of some missions and boss fights.

Note: Portal numbers have been reassigned, taking the new Portal to the Unknown I into account.

Free Chest Reward Improvement

Now you have a chance to receive shards of the Arekhon Undead heroes, level II equipment, and Valley of Treasures energy from the chest. Furthermore, the amount of Silver in the Free Chest has been increased.

Other Improvements

Small improvements in the daily quest, mail, and clan interfaces.

We’ve fixed an error which caused Tsuna to receive a bonus to her physical attack from certain pieces of equipment, and which gave Taneda a bonus to his magic attack. Now their attacks do more damage.

Bug Fixes

Boss missions now grant the correct number of Raid points.

Improved the equipment search function.

Quest and clan quest reset timer is now working properly in the German localization.

The hero screen now remains stable after increasing a hero’s rarity level.

Fixed a bug that caused a defeat screen to appear on a double tap on the walkthrough for Memory Spheres.

Armor piercing and magic resistance percentages are now displayed with primarily magical damage for Tsuna and other heroes.

Fixed the visual of Lucky’s Overgrowth ability.

The stats of Zhu Bajie, Maedb, and Kage’s abilities are now displayed correctly.

Minor bug and localization error fixes.

What’s Next?

We’re currently working on the next set of updates! They’ll include the next Campaign acts and much more!