2019-03-29 Questions and Answers from Paladins

Questions and Answers from Paladins

Paladins are experienced players, prominent members of the community, popular Streamers/YouTubers, talented content makers, and just great guys who help us to communicate with players through their videos!

Our Paladins Classic Pulcho, The Whiskey Bandit and Kizzle collected fifteen hottest questions from players, and we gave them the answers. We publish the answers for those who haven’t watched and the answers yet and prefer to read. Enjoy it!

Classic_Pulcho Q&A

Q: Will you be able to let a few knowledgeable people look at the code from a few battles that have been played and seem to be AI buffed? You сan’t get any better evidence than seeing in black and white how the code runs during the battles in focus.
A: We cannot show the code to anyone outside the company and there is a good reason for this. Mainly, an open demonstration of the game code may put the security of the project at risk. Therefore, we tend to believe that such a risk is absolutely not justified.

Q: What is the working pipeline for Playkot? Do you guys follow a strict schedule or are content datelines flexible? Why is it taking so long for new content to get added into the game?
A: Last month we were engaged in the transition to a strict release schedule. And we managed to divide the team so as to prepare several small releases of different types simultaneously. Previously, content appeared for a long time, because we planned too big releases. Now, with a new approach, we will be able to release content, fix errors and polish the balance more often and more regularly.

Q: Do the developers have any plans for all these wasted resources in the game like shards with no longer use and gears in the thousands? Will we be able to sell or reforge these things in the future?
A: We have such plans. Traditionally, the question of excess shards is solved by an additional store, in which such items can be converted into the currency of this store. Most likely, we will do something similar, but we’ll take the final decision on implementation after we release the planned acts of the Campaign, the Valley of Treasures and the Clan Wars.

Q: When can we expect a private chat or any messaging system? It would help a lot for clans and build some better communication.
A: While we do not plan to add a private chat, including because a decent implementation of such a system will require a lot of time, which will affect the timing of the development of the main content. Nevertheless, we see that the issue of private chat comes up in the community from time to time and we can return to discussing this functionality in the future.

Q: So when you log into the game, you can get everything done pretty quickly and then there is a lot of downtime. Are there any plans to add content that allow people to play more often?
A: Yes. We are working not only on new Heroes, acts of Campaign, Valley of Treasures but also on new game modes, such as the Clan Wars. An exciting battle between the clans will not only help to play more often but show the power of your clan to the world.

Kizzle Q&A

Q: Why did you add not visible values for the heroes? Show the math for all heroes stuff.
A: Some complex interactions between skills, effects, and stats are not clearly visible anywhere now, but we plan to do a lot of work to systematize the stats and make them clear and convenient to display in future updates.

Q: When will the big floating rocks in the background get released?
A: The big floating rocks that are circling in the background are the coming Clan Wars. Right now, a part of the team is working on its implementation. Soon we will move on to the tests and, most likely, we will need several iterations to bring the Clan Wars into the form in which it can appear in the game. We will not give exact dates, but we will definitely make some announcements before the launch of the Clan War.

Q: Wouldn’t it be cool to have actual PvP with real players controlling both squads.
A: Now there is core gameplay in the game, and it is asynchronous. Synchronous battles against each other are great as an idea, but obviously, it’s a new game mode. But we first want to finish with the main content for the core gameplay, which the fans of the game already like, and then we will be able to think about such a big feature when we have time to experiment.

Q: Maybe some tools for the clans to distribute members easily to nodes?
A: Developing your own Raid strategy is a part of the challenge that we give players. Many players are already using Discord servers, their own maps, and spreadsheets for coordination. At the same time, we will monitor the number of such requests and track all ideas for their implementation, to see if we can create such tools that will not only help all clans but will not force anyone to take specific strategies, thereby restricting freedom of choice.

Q: When will we see an in-game inventory? What about modifications like in SWGOH?
A: We do not plan to add an inventory, because mere opportunity to look at the collected items does not carry any useful functions. Changeable modifications are great, but we have planned to give players the opportunity to make their squads special in slightly different ways. But it is too early to reveal the details right now.

The_Whiskey_Bandit Q&A

Q: Do you have any plans on involving the community in the developing of the game? Like making an in-game poll on what you should try to bring next?
A: We have always tried to listen to the players’ opinions in order to understand how we can make our game better. By the way, Paladins are one of the initiatives that will help share information with the players, as we are doing right now. Right now we are acting on our roadmap, but nothing prevents players from making ideas and suggestions. We will surely read everything, and maybe something from the proposed will be implemented. One such example is the coming rebalance of Silver. Of course, we are open to suggestions and ideas on social networks and on the official server in Discord.

Q: How about doing a roadmap for planned updates without specifying the exact dates?
A: Only if we do it without specifying the exact dates;) The roadmap for the next updates is: Technical release, after which there will be a release with Silver Rebalance, and new acts of the Valley of Treasures, and something else interesting. Follow the news to find out what will happen next.

Q: What is your plan for the awesome skins? Will there be more events where we can earn them? If yes when can we expect them?
A: We will definitely add new Skins in future updates, but have not yet decided what they will be and when they will appear. But we will make an announcement as soon as we decide to add a new event with Skins to the game. In this case, we will try to take into account all the feedback that we received last time.

Q: Have you thought about developing a player vs player feature where you could challenge clanmates or friends to duels?
Q: Why do not open a second arena? And 6 heroes would be very fun. This will be a mouth of fresh air for the community appearing this way new meta 6 teams.
A: There is one answer to these two questions. We like the idea of ​​the appearance of absolutely new game modes and, quite possibly, we will think about something similar in the future. But, most likely, this will happen not earlier than the appearance of the acts of Campaign, the Valley of Treasures, and the Clan Wars because they were planned for a long time and we can no longer postpone them.

Thank you for reading and have a great time in the Age of Magic!